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Consigning At The Friday Barn
We'd like all Consignors to realize, people come here for a fair price. If items are over priced, they won't sell. Our goal is the keep The Friday Barn an affordable consignment shop for reusable items.

All consignors receive 60% of the final selling price if  brought to us. If we pick it up, it's 60% of the final retail value.

We establish prices through research and experience. We give you the option of deciding what YOU think you can get from the established price. But, if we get a lower offer, we'll contact you so you can decide if the offer is agreeable to you. 
We are not responsible for any lost, broken or stolen items you consign. If after 6 months we have not sold your item and its not on Etsy, it's up to you to come and get it. Otherwise, we are free to do what we want with it like dispose of it. 

Our payment method is either picked it up here or mailed to you. If mailed, there will be a $1.00 service charge. When there is $20.00 of goods sold, we will then mail out your check if not picked up within a month of us notifying you. Feel free to come by during our store hours every Friday & Saturday, 9am-6pm to see if any $ is due you. We love to share success!
Our Policy

All items MUST BE clean, not broken, no chips, no cracks, or tears, soils, rips or holes. 
No particle board furniture.
No baby items, exercise equipment, dishes not in a complete set or clothing unless the clothing is very interesting. 
It's been our experience if we ourselves don't follow these rules, a bad reputation is hard to repair.

We can be reached at:
781-272-1715 text or call Kim, your friendly service adviser.
75 Groton Street, Pepperell, Mass. USA 01463 

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