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Our Shop Can Say, All Happens Here @ The Friday Barn consignment shop!

We are amazed at how far people travel to buy something here. Karen and Lindy, came all the way from Westminster Vermont, to buy our 1810, Grandfather Clock from Scotland. That's 4 hours away! They specialize in antique clocks and period style paintings. 

They can be located at! I'm glad our description and value was worth that day trip. Thanks Lindy and Karen!
Friendships are made here but this friendship takes the cake! Scott Hillman & Leanne Kennedy, got to know each other, discussing what fruit bowl would be best for him. As frequent shoppers, they arrived at the same time giving them plenty of things to talk about. 4 Years later, 

Their wedding can be see on our Facebook album Link below:
Sometimes miracles happen at The Friday Barn. One day Matt, a retired Iraqi War Veteran, came in for the first time. He met Gerri, a regular, and both spoke about how they helped veterans. A bond was made. 

After, he over heard Gerri wanting to buy a huge plant on a budget plan. All of a sudden, Matt comes forward insisting on paying for the plant & did!  
Our second miracle was meeting a woman who has survived, 1 year of HEART transplant surgery. Imagine. 
Angels were working their magic here that day. 

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