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Bob & Kim,  The Owners
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About The Friday Barn
The Friday Barn consignment shop was founded in 2008. We were a sign company for over 30 years called Signs Of Progress. Climbing trucks and buildings to letter  was getting old and since items were easy to come by, Kim the owner, decided it was time to change careers  & open a consignment shop. It's called The Friday Barn because we were only open 1 day a week. Now we're open Friday and Saturday due to town regulations since it's behind our home. The rest of the week is taken up with on line sales, clean-outs and taking in consignments.

 I think what sets us apart is how everyone that comes in IS family to us. We make sure it DOES feel like home when you come in. Everyone is welcomed, most everyone is introduced, food to eat, wood stove's on and Jazz music to complete the ambiance never mind items found here that were hard to find for years. We never let much go if it's still good to use. Consider us recycling queens. If we can't sell it, we pass it on or recycle it! We believe very strongly in taking care of the planet and we hope our policies encourage others to do the same. 

Bob & Kim have been together since 1999. Bob a retired fleet maintenance manager &  Kim is a retired sign shop owner for over 30 years. Together they decided to put unwanted items to good use by opening up The Friday Barn consignment shop in Pepperell, Mass., at Kim's former sign shop building.
Committed to helping people find great value & a place to bring their 4 legged 

            On April 5th of 2104
                we got married!